Her Real View: I wear fake nails but not for why you may think. #mentalhealth #letschat

If you follow me on social media you may have seen me posting and sharing often about my newest manicure. I’m a DIYer, I order cheap false nails online and do them at home with the products I already have. It takes me 5 minutes, costs me less than $5 and they last me a week or more.

How vain do I sound right? I mean I have a partner who loves me even if I have short, un-manicured nails. How fake of me to pretend to have something I don’t which is long, pretty, manicured nails.

You see this obsession isn’t based entirely on vanity. It’s part of my self help regime. Something I do to both boost my self esteem a little and also deter myself from doing something I’m ashamed I do despite it not being my fault.

I have mild Excoriation Disorder also known as skin picking. When I’m having a hard day, anxiety is high, I’m feeling hopeless, I subconsciously find an area of skin, like dry skin or a blemish and start scratching at it. I do this while my mind worries and spins. I don’t even realize I’m doing it until the area either starts to burn or bleed. I’ve got scars on both arms from doing this for years and not even for once thinking it was a problem.

The worst part is I lied to people. I was so ashamed I would wear long sleeves and forget about the scars for a while until I lifted my sleeves because I became warm and someone points out “what happened to your arms? Did you burn yourself?” I’d tell them it was just a bug bite or allergic reaction. I didn’t want anyone knowing what kind of a gross, disgusting freak I was.

Turns out I’m not a freak. I have GAD. Excoriation is caused by induced excess anxiety and stress. It’s one of the symptoms like heart palpitations or Headaches from increased overthinking. A physical manifestation of a mental disorder.

So back to the fake nails, they deter me from scratching at myself. I don’t get the same sensation from satisfying an itch with fake nails compared to real nails. They also can’t really break the skin or cause as much damage as real nails can.

There you have it; my gorgeous fake nails serve two purposes and now you know what they are. At least it’s a really good excuse to be able to change up my nail game often!

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Do you wear fake nails for any other reason than fashion? Let me know in the comments! Would be great to chat!


Music Monday: Britney Spears – Not a girl (Not yet a woman)

This music Monday is inspired by my Teenaged daughters upcoming birthday.

This song came to mind, I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the lyrics that match so well with my daughter growing and learning, figuring out who she really is as she transcends from girl to woman.

As parents we all have our own hopes and dreams for our children but reality is, they are their own people. They are individuals with unique thoughts, interests and desires. No matter what each of my kids does, I know they will make me proud as long as they are healthy and happy. That’s all that matters. The world is theirs to take; in just here as a speculator and guide.

Enjoy this weeks music Monday!

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Stay tuned later this month for my daughters special birthday post!

Her Real View: What is Reiki Healing?

Self help is on the rise and one way of healing that has been around for thousands of years and practiced by thousands around the world is Reiki Healing.

Reiki healing and Chakra are something my daughter has been interested in studying for over a year now. She studies about it. She has a wonderful collection of Gemstones, each for its own unique purpose. Visit her blog, dedicated to all things Reiki! Raindrops & Gemstones – Reiki Healing 🙏🏻 Gemstones Blog 💎

What is Reiki Healing?

The word Reiki is derived from two Japanese words: rei meaning Universal Spirit and ki meaning life force energy. Reiki is a flexible and ever-growing form of healing, relaxation and personal development.

I personally haven’t tried using crystals for healing purposes although my daughter has convinced me to at least try holding a stone while I do my yoga stretches; you know, for extra energy vibes.

Many people use energies found in Gemstones to help heal themselves and others, whether it be for luck, for relationships, for peace of mind, a Reiki healer can use their energy to help another through this method.

Do you like Gemstones? What is your favourite? Mine would have to be the Black Onyx, Rose-quartz or Amethyst.

Her Real View: Nighttime Routine. What’s yours?

What’s your nighttime routine?

Everybody has a nighttime ritual or routine that they do to prepare for sleeping or just retiring for the evening. Unless you’re one of the lucky ones who can just pass right out when they hit the pillows, most of us need to do a few things before bed. At least I do!

I get my things for the next day ready the night before. Even if I’m not going anywhere, I pick my outfit and set it aside for easy-access when I get up. My hips are painful in the mornings so the less I have to shuffle around while getting ready for the day, the better.

Almost every night I go to bed too late. With GAD, its hard to shut the lights off so to speak. I try to exercise every other day, every day turned out too strenuous on my back and hips. Yoga stretches are especially nice after a long, hard and stressful day.

I always wear PJs to bed. I put the days dirty clothes in the laundry along with the stress that was on them from the day; sort of a metaphorical thing I guess.

I like to have a snack. I do watch a bit of tv before going to sleep and with tv comes a little snack; a treat to award myself for another day accomplished, especially on a hard day.

I always wash my face, brush my teeth and hair. Even if it’s a no-Makeup day; I wash the impurity’s of the day away. Brushing your teeth at night is just routine, plus I brush my teeth after eating my snack. Nothing special about tooth brushing except hygiene and for my hair, I hate knots.

I put down my phone. Once I’m in my room and in my PJs my phone is placed face-down on my little table beside my side of the bed. I use my phone for emergencies and an alarm if I need to be up early so I like to have the peace of mind of it being on and beside me but I try not to use it once I’m in my comfort zone of my room to retire for the evening.

I honestly do the same thing pretty much every evening. It’s become a ritual more than a routine.

What do you do to finish off your evening and get ready for bed? Share in the comments!!

Her Real View: Quick Makeup On a Budget!

Quick makeup on a budget. You can be broke and still look good!

Today makeup is its whole own entity. It’s amazing. There are so many makeup brands, styles and techniques; quite honestly if I was younger and richer, I’d want to try it all!

I used to wear a-lot of makeup in my 20’s. The more layered the better. There wasn’t a real need for it other than blatant vanity on my young behalf. I almost miss the days when I could spend money on unnecessary things but at the same time I like how frugal and carefree about others judgement I’ve become.

With a tight budget over the years I’ve managed to minimize my makeup without compromising my look. I do sometimes go without any makeup, I mean moods do things like make us not want to bother some days, but for the most part when I do wear makeup I like to K.I.S.S. (Keep It Super Simple).

Face: Before I do anything, I wash my face with Ivory soap and moisturize with Jergens. I try not to wear much foundation or cover up unless I’ve got the tired, pale mom-that hasn’t slept well look. I find the more I have on my face during the day, the more prone I am to breakouts.

Covergirl has always been my fav brand when I do wear foundation. You can find formulas that work just as good as expensive ones for less if you must have foundation.

Yeah, I need a new one!

I have a Mariposa makeup kit that has a bronze, peach and a lighter colour. Mixing those three allow me to play with my look and make me look more awake, cheeks blushed and a fresh glow. I bought the kit at a dollar store for under $5.

Eyes: I like simple, neautral, earthy tones. Moisturizing first is a must-do. Swipe on some of my fav shadow and waterproof mascara; done. Honestly, the last shadow kit I bought cost me $3 at a dollarama. It works and the colours are nice.

DYK: Putting spoons into the freezer before you shower and gently pressing them on your eyes for a few minutes before you put on your eye makeup will lessen the puffy look? Cool!

When it comes to makeup on the cheap, my best advice is to shop around. I personally don’t mind dollar store shopping. No shame in saving money. Look for your favourite brand names on sale at the drug store and don’t be afraid of using coupons!

What’s your favourite way to save on makeup and beauty products? Share in the comments below! I love to chat!

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