Music Monday: Sara Bareilles – Brave

I just want to see you be BRAVE.

Something I’ve always told my kids (and myself), say what you want to say, be brave!

Click here to listen!

Turn up your volume, click the link above and show the world your brave today and everyday! 💪🏻


Her Real View: Favourite Quotes; Writers Edition

Writing is a craft like any other; it doesn’t always come naturally, it takes hard work and practice to “perfect” it and even then, there is no perfection when an Art is as unique as writing. Each writer has their own mind, their own thoughts, voices, experiences and stories; I guess you could say that’s what stands me out from the crowd. I’m me and nobody can tell my story better than me.

If you’ve visited this blog before, you may or may not know I am a fan of quotes. Specifically quoted images; sometimes I even make my own.

The following are some quotes I stumbled across on the internet and though I’d round up to share here on the Her Real View Blog.

Some of these quotes are thought provoking, some meaningful while others just for a laugh.


We rule!
No Fear

Her Real View: “The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” – Agree or disagree?

“The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.”what do you think about this sentence? Do you agree? If you enjoy or accomplish something with time spent, is it really a waste of time after all?

Life goes by quickly; I’ve thought about that a lot in the past while. My kids are growing up and I am growing older; everything changes fast and before you know it you’ve spent all your time. I’m almost 40; I’m not that young anymore.

I don’t think spending time with people or on things that bring you joy, happiness or prosperity is time wasted. I don’t think living your best life, even if it’s not the same road as everybody else takes is a waste of time. I don’t think trying, failing and getting up to try again in anything in life is a waste of time.

I think what one person may see as a waste of time is important to another’s happiness and that’s why we shouldn’t judge each other. We are each here to spend our time as we please and live our lives as we choose to, in a way that we know. In a way that we can feel accomplished at the end of the day no matter what we are spending our time doing.

Nobody can choose to waste your time except you. Wasting time to me would be spending time with the wrong people, thinking money is the only thing that matters, living to make someone who doesn’t even care about you happy, working a job you hate, the list goes on.

Taking care of you and living up to your full potential is not wasting time.

What do you think? Let’s chat in the comments!

Music Monday: Shania Twain – That Don’t Impress Me Much

“So you got the looks but have ya got the touch? Don’t get me wrong yeah I think you’re alright but that won’t keep me warm in the middle of the night…that don’t impress me much!”

I’ve always loved our Canadian-born, pop country superstar, Shania Twain. She’s beautiful, talented and duh, Canadian!

Back when I practiced singing, I sang many different genres of music and Shania Twain’s songs were always ones I enjoyed doing. Her ballads are heartfelt and beautifully sung, her upbeat songs are fun and make you want to get up, sing and dance!

I love her attitude in this song, she won’t settle just because he’s got nice hair and a car!

So, have some fun this Music Monday and enjoy “That don’t impress me much” by clicking the GIF below!

Have a great week!

Her Real View: September Goals; What are yours? #LetsChat

September to me always feels like a change in time. My kids go back to school and everything is more scheduled, still busy. I wouldn’t say it’s any busier a time than the summer except preparing ourselves and the kids for another ten months of school days.

Usually I just take life day by day. I know what I want to do but I don’t have many set goals. Every month I want to work harder to try and make a living doing what I love (writing). And often, I try to work so hard that I over work myself and then need time to recover. That’s the reality I live with both physical and mental ailments. Some days I can and others, I just can’t and I can’t control that. I wish I could but wishing never did anybody any good.

It sometimes feels like a never ending cycle: have an idea, work hard on said idea, have the idea blow up in my face, become more depressed.

I want to break the cycle. I want to get my mojo back, so to speak. I know what I’m capable of but I can’t figure out why others can’t see the same. That’s what gets me down. Am I too “full of it” and people see I’m not as great as I might think? Is my work not good enough? I know my numbers are small but my parenting Lifestyle blog also started out as nothing.

My September goals are to continue to work hard at my craft and stop beating myself up every time a door is slammed in my face. I need to give that door the finger and move on to the next.

I’ve had a few freelance opportunities over the summer. I’ve worked on and off as a data collector for Appen. The work is mundane but it helps when a pay comes in. I wish it was a little more reliable though. I did some work as a copywriter but that seemed to be a one-off that got me excited for nothing. Keep plugging is what I tell myself.

I’ve been trying to take more risks and just go with the one life I have to live instead of analyzing every detail and eventually being unhappy due to my own expectations.

Over the summer I’ve let things slide from keeping my Tupperware organized (you should see the mess) to having too much junk accumulate in the basement. We don’t need this now but we want to keep it; put it in the basement “for now” except for now ends up to be months and months of passing by it on the way to the laundry machines.

A smaller goal of mine which I’m still trying to convince my better half to participate in is getting my second tattoo. We had agreed on a couples design months ago and he agreed to do it for our anniversary in September; my goal is to have him make up his mind and get it done with me!

October is filled with doctors appointments and more. I have a follow up with my hip specialist and five more therapy sessions with my councillor. Hard to believe it’s been almost a year since everything changed. Almost a year since I came to the reality of what I live with, what I’ve lived with what what I will always live with. A year of making changes for the good.

Let’s get on with September and see what the rest of 2019 has for me.