HerRealView: Complaining about an Amber Alert? Seriously, Ontario?

Late last night Ontario residents were notified by an alarming Amber Alert notification on their phones regarding a little girl who was supposed to be dropped off to her moms after a visit to her dads on her birthday but never returned on time. You can read more about it on Twitter.

The sound of these alerts is loud and jolting; it did make me jump. I hate amber alerts but not for the same reasons as seemingly a LOT of people in the province I call home.

Grown adults had the audacity to actually call the police and 9-1-1, wasting emergency services so that they could bitch about the amber alert waking them up from their precious beauty sleep. Wow. Just unbelievable; Can we say “privileged much”?

I was disgusted this morning to read about these complaints. The police actually had to address it, that’s how bad it was. If you were one of the lowlifes who complained, let me ask you this:

If it was YOUR child who went missing, wouldn’t you not care who you woke up for a chance you might find them and be able to see them again? I think not. I know I wouldn’t. Your precious 5 minutes lost was NOTHING compared to what the family of this little girl is going through. Think about it! Also, these amber alerts are sent out in the region and surrounding areas because it can take as little as 30 minutes for an assailant to travel and possibly disappear.

The amber alert worked. Police were able to capture the little girls father but it was too late. You lost FIVE MINUTES of sleep (or whatever) but these people, they lost their little girl. I honestly hope you all feel terrible about that but I know you probably don’t. Egotistical selfishness is at a disgusting high these days. Shame on you.

I hate these alerts not because they disturb me in any way. Sure, the loud sound made me jump like I said, but I hate them because a child is missing and any child missing is a scary thing.

I have three kids of my own and the thought of losing them is something I just can’t fathom but the reality is it can happen to anybody at any time. You don’t know for sure, nobody does.

These alerts are in place to save lives and serve justice.

Don’t want to be disturbed while you sleep? There’s a setting for that so no need to be so heartless. 💔

Our condolences to the family. 💔


Happy Valentine’s Day 2019! ❤️

C’est la jour d’amour!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The one day during the cold winter months where we warm up with our significant other and declare our love for each other with gifts, chocolate and romance or whatever people do these days to celebrate.

If you didn’t get a valentine this year, consider this my valentine to you! 😂

You know, it’s kind of overrated. It’s a wonderful holiday if you’re in a great relationship (I’ve been with my guy for 15 years) but for those who feel the need to have a date (FOMO) or feel lonely if they’re single on Valentine’s Day, don’t be. Treat it as a Love day and show your best friends and family how much you appreciate them. It’s all about the love!

Since Valentine’s Day falls on a Thursday this year, we have a weekend to celebrate and spoil each other with love so, enjoy!

Snowpocalypse and the kindness of community.

Ottawa (and most of eastern and southern Ontario) was hit over the past couple of days by a massive extreme snow storm.

I was up early, outside cleaning a pathway for my dogs to go in the back yard. The snow was passed my knees in depth. I had an appointment later in the morning and my anxiety was through the roof.

We managed to dig our way to the truck and get out of the driveway. Everything went smoothly until we got back home.

We attempted to drive back into the driveway but my man didn’t exactly back into the same path that we made when we left and our truck got stuck.

This was the “good side”…😐

Frustrating and embarrassing because by that time everyone was out with shovels and snowblowers, cleaning up the mess.

The more he tried to unjam it, the deeper the tires dug into the snow. I got out to try and help dig out but it was useless. The city plough had created a monster out of a snow hill at the bottom of our driveway while we had been out. Our next door neighbours also came over to see what was going on.

A man (who’s name I don’t know I’m sorry!) with a little plough was clearing the parking lot of the community centre across the street. He came over and cleared some of the snow from the end of the driveway and then offered to help pull us out!

He drove away for a few moments to get a chain or rope and came back. Within a few minutes our truck was out! Not only did the guy help pull us out but he also cleaned the pile of snow so we could get the truck back into the driveway. He also cleaned our next door neighbours as they were having trouble digging out too.

This saved everyone so much time! Sure we still have some clean up to do but thank you to that kind man for taking the time out of his busy day to help someone!

It’s funny how communities get together in times people do really need each other.

It’s nice to see there are still kind people in this world. 🤗❤️

Too young to be replaced: My (continuing) fight with Hip Dysplasia.

For the past four months I have been seeing doctors, specialists, and councillors in treatment for my health.

The latest was a new orthopaedic surgeon this past week; I hadn’t gone to one in quite some time. After an anxious almost two hours in the hospital registering, getting X-rays and waiting, I finally spoke to someone who could maybe help me.

She asked me a few questions and broke the bad news. I’m very messed up down there. Aside from my hip dysplasia, arthritis has made itself at home in my bones. My pelvis is malformed. They can’t replace my hip because the bone, muscle etc is “too young” despite my hip and pelvis being very malformed.

So, I definitely do need a THR but not for a few more years. I don’t know if my hip will last that long but this would be my millionth medical opinion; I’m going to listen to the pros this time.

My first step is to get hip injections (cortisone shots). I’ve never done this before and I’m terrified of the negative “what if’s” that have been going through my mind but I have to try. She reassured me of the procedure (my file notes my anxiety disorder as something to take into consideration). She offered me an Ativan for before the procedure if needed and she wants to follow up four months afterward to see if the injection works or not and what our next steps will be.

On a good note the orthopaedic surgeon was impressed when I said when I’m not in too much pain I do practice simple yoga stretches for my legs and back; she said to continue them and also continue actively using my cane and not just on the really bad days.

My journey isn’t over and I refuse to let these disabilities take over my life. This won’t pass but I will manage it and not have it manage me.

Things may seem worse than they are. I have to keep reminding myself that for the first time in my life I have a medical team that’s behind me and trying to help me instead of brush me off and make me feel like I don’t matter.

I do matter and that’s why I continue to fight the fight. Good days and bad days; I matter no matter what.

I’ll keep you all posted ❤️

Her Real View: Dating as a couple.

Dating doesn’t end once you find “the one”. Making time for each other in your relationship is important whether you are a younger couple or a couple with kids.

Dating as a couple can be fun and a good way to connect on a regular basis.

Dinner for two: If you’re into fancy, go for it but dinner for two doesn’t have to be anything special. It can be as simple as the two of you cooking together, connecting while you prepare and eat a romantic meal together. Don’t forget the candles!

Coffee dates: If you’re lucky enough to share break and lunch schedules the same as your partner, surprise them with their favourite coffee and have a mini date. It can take pressure off both your days and also leave you with that feeling for the rest of the day. My partner often brings me a nice hot coffee exactly how I like it. Just a small gesture can show lots of love. Ah, l’amour!

Babysitters: Depending where you live, you may be able to find a reliable youth to pay for the night while you and your partner have some alone time. If you have grandparents who want to take the kids for a night or older teen siblings, even better. If there is no babysitter in the cards don’t be disappointed; the kids have to sleep at some point!

Disconnected downtime. Put away your device and actually spend time together. You don’t need to instagram your dinner or a selfie to show how happy you are together. Be in the moment together, without the smartphone.

There are of course many ways to keep the fire bright; these are just some of them. Whatever you do, enjoy each other because life is too short not to! ❤️