Her Real View: Quick Makeup On a Budget!

Quick makeup on a budget. You can be broke and still look good!

Today makeup is its whole own entity. It’s amazing. There are so many makeup brands, styles and techniques; quite honestly if I was younger and richer, I’d want to try it all!

I used to wear a-lot of makeup in my 20’s. The more layered the better. There wasn’t a real need for it other than blatant vanity on my young behalf. I almost miss the days when I could spend money on unnecessary things but at the same time I like how frugal and carefree about others judgement I’ve become.

With a tight budget over the years I’ve managed to minimize my makeup without compromising my look. I do sometimes go without any makeup, I mean moods do things like make us not want to bother some days, but for the most part when I do wear makeup I like to K.I.S.S. (Keep It Super Simple).

Face: Before I do anything, I wash my face with Ivory soap and moisturize with Jergens. I try not to wear much foundation or cover up unless I’ve got the tired, pale mom-that hasn’t slept well look. I find the more I have on my face during the day, the more prone I am to breakouts.

Covergirl has always been my fav brand when I do wear foundation. You can find formulas that work just as good as expensive ones for less if you must have foundation.

Yeah, I need a new one!

I have a Mariposa makeup kit that has a bronze, peach and a lighter colour. Mixing those three allow me to play with my look and make me look more awake, cheeks blushed and a fresh glow. I bought the kit at a dollar store for under $5.

Eyes: I like simple, neautral, earthy tones. Moisturizing first is a must-do. Swipe on some of my fav shadow and waterproof mascara; done. Honestly, the last shadow kit I bought cost me $3 at a dollarama. It works and the colours are nice.

DYK: Putting spoons into the freezer before you shower and gently pressing them on your eyes for a few minutes before you put on your eye makeup will lessen the puffy look? Cool!

When it comes to makeup on the cheap, my best advice is to shop around. I personally don’t mind dollar store shopping. No shame in saving money. Look for your favourite brand names on sale at the drug store and don’t be afraid of using coupons!

What’s your favourite way to save on makeup and beauty products? Share in the comments below! I love to chat!

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