Her Real View: Nighttime Routine. What’s yours?

What’s your nighttime routine?

Everybody has a nighttime ritual or routine that they do to prepare for sleeping or just retiring for the evening. Unless you’re one of the lucky ones who can just pass right out when they hit the pillows, most of us need to do a few things before bed. At least I do!

I get my things for the next day ready the night before. Even if I’m not going anywhere, I pick my outfit and set it aside for easy-access when I get up. My hips are painful in the mornings so the less I have to shuffle around while getting ready for the day, the better.

Almost every night I go to bed too late. With GAD, its hard to shut the lights off so to speak. I try to exercise every other day, every day turned out too strenuous on my back and hips. Yoga stretches are especially nice after a long, hard and stressful day.

I always wear PJs to bed. I put the days dirty clothes in the laundry along with the stress that was on them from the day; sort of a metaphorical thing I guess.

I like to have a snack. I do watch a bit of tv before going to sleep and with tv comes a little snack; a treat to award myself for another day accomplished, especially on a hard day.

I always wash my face, brush my teeth and hair. Even if it’s a no-Makeup day; I wash the impurity’s of the day away. Brushing your teeth at night is just routine, plus I brush my teeth after eating my snack. Nothing special about tooth brushing except hygiene and for my hair, I hate knots.

I put down my phone. Once I’m in my room and in my PJs my phone is placed face-down on my little table beside my side of the bed. I use my phone for emergencies and an alarm if I need to be up early so I like to have the peace of mind of it being on and beside me but I try not to use it once I’m in my comfort zone of my room to retire for the evening.

I honestly do the same thing pretty much every evening. It’s become a ritual more than a routine.

What do you do to finish off your evening and get ready for bed? Share in the comments!!

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