About Her Real View

Women are beautiful, unique creatures who should celebrate ourselves and each other. This site is dedicated to all women across the world, womanhood and everything in between.

Come together, sisters!

Being a woman and being a writer gives me the platform to talk about important topics, “taboo” topics, fun topics and moving topics.

Through this site I hope to move and keep moving women’s hearts and souls, we are strong sisters but we are stronger together!


Alyssa Rose 🌹

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About Alyssa Rose:

A 10 year blogging pro and social media community manager for her blogs, Alyssa brings her brilliant, down to earth and quirky writing style to Her Real View est. 2018.

Her Real View and A Motherhood Experience are part of the new Her Real View Creative Media™️ umbrella.

In her private life she’s a wife, a mom to 3 kids and pet-caretaker to her dogs.

Alyssa advocates for awareness causes such as Cancer, ALS, Adult Hip Dysplasia and Mental Health, to name a few close to her heart.

Alyssa runs a Canadian Hip Dysplasia Facebook group to help others with the disease as well as has authored an eBook about life with hip dysplasia and an ebook about life with an Anxiety Disorder.

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With over 10 years experience in the blogosphere, Alyssa loves to collaborate with PR agencies representing brands with promotional campaigns! With Alyssa’s unique ideas and your brand, we can spread the word together! Contact Alyssa for Her Real View rates for sponsored post or if you have a product you’d love for her to feature!

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Note: the author is no way a medical professional.