Her Real View: Quick Makeup On a Budget!

Quick makeup on a budget. You can be broke and still look good!

Today makeup is its whole own entity. It’s amazing. There are so many makeup brands, styles and techniques; quite honestly if I was younger and richer, I’d want to try it all!

I used to wear a-lot of makeup in my 20’s. The more layered the better. There wasn’t a real need for it other than blatant vanity on my young behalf. I almost miss the days when I could spend money on unnecessary things but at the same time I like how frugal and carefree about others judgement I’ve become.

With a tight budget over the years I’ve managed to minimize my makeup without compromising my look. I do sometimes go without any makeup, I mean moods do things like make us not want to bother some days, but for the most part when I do wear makeup I like to K.I.S.S. (Keep It Super Simple).

Face: Before I do anything, I wash my face with Ivory soap and moisturize with Jergens. I try not to wear much foundation or cover up unless I’ve got the tired, pale mom-that hasn’t slept well look. I find the more I have on my face during the day, the more prone I am to breakouts.

Covergirl has always been my fav brand when I do wear foundation. You can find formulas that work just as good as expensive ones for less if you must have foundation.

Yeah, I need a new one!

I have a Mariposa makeup kit that has a bronze, peach and a lighter colour. Mixing those three allow me to play with my look and make me look more awake, cheeks blushed and a fresh glow. I bought the kit at a dollar store for under $5.

Eyes: I like simple, neautral, earthy tones. Moisturizing first is a must-do. Swipe on some of my fav shadow and waterproof mascara; done. Honestly, the last shadow kit I bought cost me $3 at a dollarama. It works and the colours are nice.

DYK: Putting spoons into the freezer before you shower and gently pressing them on your eyes for a few minutes before you put on your eye makeup will lessen the puffy look? Cool!

When it comes to makeup on the cheap, my best advice is to shop around. I personally don’t mind dollar store shopping. No shame in saving money. Look for your favourite brand names on sale at the drug store and don’t be afraid of using coupons!

What’s your favourite way to save on makeup and beauty products? Share in the comments below! I love to chat!

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Her Real View: Racer-back bra clips; do they work?

Bra straps. You can’t live with them and most of us can’t live without them. I myself have sported tank tops where my bra straps showed for everyone to know what colour or pattern it was. Thankfully I’m all for wearing black including my underwear so there’s not much to see.

One thing that’s a pain is when you have a new shoulder tattoo or a sunburn and your straps rub causing irritation and worse, bacteria! My remedy for hiding bra straps cost me under $5 about 10 years ago at Factory Direct but you can now find them virtually everywhere; probably even at the dollar store.

Simple, small, plastic bra strap holders. They’re simple enough to use by slipping each strap under the little plastic tags and adjust it to the level you need it. I usually have it adjusted to the middle of my shoulder blades.

Not only do they hold your bra in place but they can also give your girls a little lift without needing a special push up bra.

My set came with six (two of each colour pictured above); one of my personal favourite beauty-fashion hacks to this day! 😂

Her Real View: Getting Inked!

For the longest time I sat on the idea of getting a tattoo. I have a couple of piercings already so I’m not an entire virgin when it comes to body art and even at “my age” I decided to do things that make me happy and getting my first tattoo for my 38th birthday was one of them.

I sat on my design idea for quite some time. I definitely wanted something meaningful to me. I chose a semicolon butterfly. The semicolon representing that my story isn’t over and the butterfly representing my new found freedom; mind, body and spirit. All I needed was a great artist to bring my idea to life!

I did almost get discouraged when I tried every resource For tattoo artists and shops that I could think of. Nobody felt like a good match. They weren’t for me nor I for them which is OK.

I got my tattoo either way.

I ended up finding the perfect match one evening last week, searching local and researching local online. She is very local, she is within my price range and her work featured in her portfolio was fantastic. She answered all my questions and I was very happy with her answers. Just what type of tattooist I was looking for.

We set up an appointment and I got inked within ten minutes her setting up. She was very professional and sanitary. She took the time to explain the procedure and aftercare, it was a great experience!

I was nervous but not in the way that you think. Yes, anxiety kicked in, I was meeting someone new and doing something I never did before but at the same time; I felt liberated. I felt a change happening and not just the body art.

It didn’t hurt at all by the way; I’ve felt way worse pain in my day. I know it helped a lot that she was very friendly, laid back and made the process seem so simple. That is how a good entrepreneur does good business! I’m very impressed to say the least!

My new birthday semicolon butterfly tattoo! ❤️

So thank you AGAIN to The Bone Yard Tattoos for inking my first tatt and ON my birthday no less! I love it! I may be back for another before you know it! 😂

Snapchat coincidentally has a birthday filter today! 😂

Did I happen to mention I also re-pierced my navel recently? Let’s say that hurt more than the tattoo! 😂

Her Real View: Hip Dysplasia Talk – My Helper, My Cane.

Walking is something so many people take for granted every day. What I would give to walk normal for just one day…in the meantime, I have my walking aid aka my cane.

Hip Dysplasia unfortunately leaves me with a weak, limping walk if I don’t use my cane.

I started out with an ugly pink/floral pattern offset handle cane that I got from someone. It was very used when I got it but I used it anyway. The foam on the handle started peeling off from friction and it’s hard to keep clean. The colour itself is hideous (it screams granny’s curtains) and I now keep it as “the spare”.

My second cane was a nice brown one but it was too straight, too thin, the derby handle was hard and it looked more like a gentleman’s cane. It did actually belonging to my step father when he was alive. I gave that one to my partner, for later use or whatever he wants to do with it.

My newest one is a Hugo offset handle cane in Aquamarine colour. My mom showed up with it as a surprise. It’s super lightweight (yet can hold up to 300lbs), the grip is amazing (comfy, non-slip and not foam!) and it’s got a cup-like tip which gives it more stabilization and traction. It also has a reflective strap. I’ll be able to get an ice tip for it closer to wintertime. A percentage of each Hugo Anywhere cane goes to the MS Society of Canada.

I am in no way completely knocking my first two canes; they helped for what they could but they just weren’t for me. Also, FYI this post isn’t a promo for Hugo Anywhere (not sponsored), I just really like my new cane!

If you would have known me five years ago you would have never heard me say I “really like” anything to do with canes!

Her Real View 30 day blog post challenge day 17 – Favourite Childhood Books

I had a love of reading from a young age (thanks mom for encouraging it by always providing us with the latest book order books from scholastic!). One of my favourite book series were the Care Bears books by Parker Brothers.

I would make my parents read me one every night before bed, even though I could never stay up through the whole story. I remember sneaking them under my pillow sometimes on the nights my parents couldn’t read to me.

I also enjoyed Little Critter books by Mercer Mayer. They all had a funny little lesson but a strange way to tell it through these bizarre little critter monster guys who kind of looked like lions. My favourite book was “I was so mad”. I think of that book every time someone says “I was so mad”

“My mother wouldn’t let me keep frogs in the bathtub! I was so mad!”

I’m sure I had many, many more favourite books but these two jump out of my memory off the top of my head.

What books did you enjoy as a child? Share in the comments below!

Awareness Necklaces And More!

I have a few causes close to my heart such as Hip Dysplasia, Women’s Health, Mental Health, Cancer, Diabetes & ALS.

I always believe in spreading awareness about these and other causes because honestly I find the world to be an overly ignorant place where people just don’t know any better about the lesser talked about.

I am one who likes to learn what I don’t know before I judge or misunderstand it. I wish everyone thought like I do.

We need to make people aware of diseases, illnesses and impairments that they may not have otherwise heard of.

To help spread awareness for Hip Dysplasia, I’ve created necklaces, t-shirts and magnets on Zazzle with my own “Fighting Like a Warrior” ribbon and hashtag design for anyone who suffers from hip dysplasia or knows someone who does. Buying one may not give someone new hips but it’ll show your support and I’ll make a little money too.

I also have these “Adult Hip Dysplasia Living a Dysplastic Lifetank tops as well. They are based on my ebook which is also up for grabs for only .99 cents until June 30th!

In support of those like me who fight daily with mental health issues, my “Semicolon ; My Story Is Not Over Yet” bracelet.

I plan to make more awareness designs as time goes on. Thank you in advance to those who purchase these. If I sell enough, I will donate some of it to the causes.


Her Real View 30 day blog post challenge day 15 – A Day Being Me…

I have to say, every day in my life feels different. There are certain aspects that feel the same but overall my life is like a box of chocolates; I never know what I’m going to get and I really hope I don’t take a bite out of a gross tasting kind.

Early mornings are spent painfully getting myself and my kids up and out the door in time for them to catch their school bus. I am lucky my oldest child (teen) does all of that on their own and is out the door before the rest of us are even up. The younger two sometimes need reminders about wearing their jackets, not sneaking tiny toys in their pockets and various other school aged kid stuff. They do help by getting themselves ready, organizing their bags and feeding our dogs plus letting them out (and back inside) to do their business.

Every day (except for holidays and snow days) we walk together to the bus stop as my youngest is only six. It’s my morning exercise, even though even walking is painful. That’s what my cane is for.

We all talk on the walk to the bus stop, this morning I gave them some facts about wild violets. Did you know the leaves are edible if you’re ever stuck in the wilderness? Ha!

Once they are on the bus I head back home to continue my job. I check my email and do any work that I have deadlines for my blog or for my freelance data consultant job. I answer emails and do social media. I try to keep busy and try to keep my mind from being too anxious. Some days I have a fuller schedule than others.

That’s on a good day, a regular day.

On a bad day, I can’t really tell you. I kind of disconnect from like and go into autopilot. Most of the time my bad days are a blur by the time they are over. I can’t even tell you what made it a bad day. Sometimes it is my mood being out of whack, sometimes my dysplasia is beyond painful or sometimes it’s a nasty mix of both. All I can say is that a bad day is a day that brings me down to the trenches I’ve been so desperate to climb my way out of these past few months. They happen more than the good days lately.

Every day I’m working harder to be a better version of me. I don’t even know what she looks like anymore. I’ve been trying to de-fog the mirror but every wipe creates a new smudge and I can’t see clearly just yet.

Once the kids come back from school I shut down work mode and turn back on mom mode. I do homework, meals, baths and bed routines. My partner helps in all of this don’t get me wrong but no matter what I do it feels like 10x the job because of my ailments.

At the end of the day though, one thing doesn’t change; I have a loving family. I have kids who light up when they see me (most of the time) and a partner who although I know has his own faults, always tries to make me feel better about myself. A day in my life isn’t so bad when the right people are around.