Her Real View: Quick Makeup On a Budget!

Quick makeup on a budget. You can be broke and still look good!

Today makeup is its whole own entity. It’s amazing. There are so many makeup brands, styles and techniques; quite honestly if I was younger and richer, I’d want to try it all!

I used to wear a-lot of makeup in my 20’s. The more layered the better. There wasn’t a real need for it other than blatant vanity on my young behalf. I almost miss the days when I could spend money on unnecessary things but at the same time I like how frugal and carefree about others judgement I’ve become.

With a tight budget over the years I’ve managed to minimize my makeup without compromising my look. I do sometimes go without any makeup, I mean moods do things like make us not want to bother some days, but for the most part when I do wear makeup I like to K.I.S.S. (Keep It Super Simple).

Face: Before I do anything, I wash my face with Ivory soap and moisturize with Jergens. I try not to wear much foundation or cover up unless I’ve got the tired, pale mom-that hasn’t slept well look. I find the more I have on my face during the day, the more prone I am to breakouts.

Covergirl has always been my fav brand when I do wear foundation. You can find formulas that work just as good as expensive ones for less if you must have foundation.

Yeah, I need a new one!

I have a Mariposa makeup kit that has a bronze, peach and a lighter colour. Mixing those three allow me to play with my look and make me look more awake, cheeks blushed and a fresh glow. I bought the kit at a dollar store for under $5.

Eyes: I like simple, neautral, earthy tones. Moisturizing first is a must-do. Swipe on some of my fav shadow and waterproof mascara; done. Honestly, the last shadow kit I bought cost me $3 at a dollarama. It works and the colours are nice.

DYK: Putting spoons into the freezer before you shower and gently pressing them on your eyes for a few minutes before you put on your eye makeup will lessen the puffy look? Cool!

When it comes to makeup on the cheap, my best advice is to shop around. I personally don’t mind dollar store shopping. No shame in saving money. Look for your favourite brand names on sale at the drug store and don’t be afraid of using coupons!

What’s your favourite way to save on makeup and beauty products? Share in the comments below! I love to chat!

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Her Real View: How Do You Conserve Energy In The Summertime? Here’s my 5 ways!

With the colder months long behind us, we’ve turned off our gas heaters and installed our air conditioners…how do we save energy in the summer but still keep cool?

5 ways to save energy while staying cool:

Keep the shades drawn. We keep the curtains closed on the hot and sunny days of summer. Before we installed the A/C we had several fans circulating the air but they actually take more energy than the next tip.

Turn off the a/c when it’s not in use. After the house gets a certain temperature we are comfortable with and especially at night when the outside cools off a smidge, we shut off the A/C and give it a much needed break. USB fans are a simple way to save energy when you don’t have an air conditioner but also use less energy. It uses no more power than what you would use charging a phone. I have a small USB powered fan and I love it!

Keep the big electronics off. Most big TVs give off an excessive amount of heat which may cause your a/c and fans to work in overdrive or not at all.

Lights out. Unless you absolutely have to, keep the lights off (and tv) during the day.

Use a BBQ or Other means to cook food rather than the microwave or stove. Stoves conduct more heat and suck up more energy during the summer months. Plus, who doesn’t love a good BBQ! Worst case, order take out food!

If you are stuck at home in a heatwave and need a cool down, try one of my Homemade Iced Coffee’s!

Her Real View Recipe: Homemade iced coffee!

Yummy iced coffee is a cool treat on hot days but unfortunately it can add up when you buy it on the go at your favourite coffee shop.

Being the frugal lady that I am, I came up with a simple and delicious alternative to take-out iced coffee.

Brew: your favourite blend of coffee, the same way you would for hot coffee. I brewed McCafe coffee at home and I brew it on bold for flavour.

Let the brewed coffee cool to room temperature.

Chill: Pour it into a glass jug (preferably with a lid) and chill in the fridge (overnight works best and no the coffee won’t taste stale the next day).

Prepare: I like to use a chilled mason jar mug but whatever your favourite cold drink glass will work.

Add 2-3 ice cubes.

Pour about 1/4 milk or 10% creamer over the ice (depending how you like your coffee), fill the rest of the glass with coffee.

*For a healthier alternative you could use soy or almond milk instead of regular milk or 10% cream.*

Add about a teaspoon of vanilla extract for a bit of sweetness.

Stir well (or shake depending what container you make it in).

Note: you can drink it completely flavourless if that’s how you like it but I use sweeteners/sugar to taste, mixing it in while the coffee is still hot! It melts the sugar and you have presweetened iced coffee!

Play with the recipe and make it your own and enjoy!

I’d love to try this with a shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream! 🤪

Liquid sugar is easy to make too! 3 cups white sugar, 1/2 cup brown sugar, 3.5 cups water, 1 tbsp lemon juice. Boil the sugar and water mixture for 10-15 min on the stovetop until it thickens, cool. Add the lemon juice. Stir and store in a sealed container on your counter or in the cupboard. Makes a great alternative to granulated sugar which doesn’t mix as well with cold giving you a “sandy” coffee.

Her Real View: Household Tips – How to get rid of ANTS (on the cheap and easy!)

I’ve never liked bugs. I don’t like them outside and I especially don’t like them inside. They can bite, they can ruin things like dry food goods. They are a nuisance when they decide your house is the place they want to invade.

I can’t help you if you have bees, cockroaches, bedbugs or any of those infestation types; call an exterminator.

If you have ANTS crawling in your kitchen you are in luck! I found a simple, dummy proof method that actually WORKS. Rather than going out and spending money on toxic ant traps you can find this right in your house so you can get rid of your problem right away! I’m so amazed (like duh!!) and you’ll never guess what the secret ingredient is.

We have dogs and ants in the kitchen is a big no-no; I don’t need my dogs to get bit by bugs. Unfortunately they like to attempt to come in every spring or summer. They trail in and notice the dog food dishes. They go back under the baseboard to tell their little ant friends and before we know it we have an army and wasted dog food the dogs can’t eat anymore because of the ants.

A few years ago I had a trail of them coming up the counter where the coffee maker is set. I got so pissed I just grabbed the dish soap and poured a stream of it down the ant path like a volcano erupting it’s lava onto the unsuspecting. They tried to run back down but it was too late. The goop stopped them and the ones behind did not come back.

So that’s it. Plain old dish soap, the thicker the better. No special brand, any kind works! Pour it directly where the ants are coming in and let it sit. Wipe it with a dry cloth and leave it. Voila! Bye bye pests. If they come back, do it again. They hate that stuff and it’s non-toxic to animals and kids. Win-win!

It’s funny how many simple household products can help solve other problems than what they are originally made for!