Her Real View: “The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” – Agree or disagree?

“The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.”what do you think about this sentence? Do you agree? If you enjoy or accomplish something with time spent, is it really a waste of time after all?

Life goes by quickly; I’ve thought about that a lot in the past while. My kids are growing up and I am growing older; everything changes fast and before you know it you’ve spent all your time. I’m almost 40; I’m not that young anymore.

I don’t think spending time with people or on things that bring you joy, happiness or prosperity is time wasted. I don’t think living your best life, even if it’s not the same road as everybody else takes is a waste of time. I don’t think trying, failing and getting up to try again in anything in life is a waste of time.

I think what one person may see as a waste of time is important to another’s happiness and that’s why we shouldn’t judge each other. We are each here to spend our time as we please and live our lives as we choose to, in a way that we know. In a way that we can feel accomplished at the end of the day no matter what we are spending our time doing.

Nobody can choose to waste your time except you. Wasting time to me would be spending time with the wrong people, thinking money is the only thing that matters, living to make someone who doesn’t even care about you happy, working a job you hate, the list goes on.

Taking care of you and living up to your full potential is not wasting time.

What do you think? Let’s chat in the comments!


Her Real View: Nighttime Routine. What’s yours?

What’s your nighttime routine?

Everybody has a nighttime ritual or routine that they do to prepare for sleeping or just retiring for the evening. Unless you’re one of the lucky ones who can just pass right out when they hit the pillows, most of us need to do a few things before bed. At least I do!

I get my things for the next day ready the night before. Even if I’m not going anywhere, I pick my outfit and set it aside for easy-access when I get up. My hips are painful in the mornings so the less I have to shuffle around while getting ready for the day, the better.

Almost every night I go to bed too late. With GAD, its hard to shut the lights off so to speak. I try to exercise every other day, every day turned out too strenuous on my back and hips. Yoga stretches are especially nice after a long, hard and stressful day.

I always wear PJs to bed. I put the days dirty clothes in the laundry along with the stress that was on them from the day; sort of a metaphorical thing I guess.

I like to have a snack. I do watch a bit of tv before going to sleep and with tv comes a little snack; a treat to award myself for another day accomplished, especially on a hard day.

I always wash my face, brush my teeth and hair. Even if it’s a no-Makeup day; I wash the impurity’s of the day away. Brushing your teeth at night is just routine, plus I brush my teeth after eating my snack. Nothing special about tooth brushing except hygiene and for my hair, I hate knots.

I put down my phone. Once I’m in my room and in my PJs my phone is placed face-down on my little table beside my side of the bed. I use my phone for emergencies and an alarm if I need to be up early so I like to have the peace of mind of it being on and beside me but I try not to use it once I’m in my comfort zone of my room to retire for the evening.

I honestly do the same thing pretty much every evening. It’s become a ritual more than a routine.

What do you do to finish off your evening and get ready for bed? Share in the comments!!

Her Real View: Glass Sippers Review {@GlassSippers}

The world is suddenly beginning to somewhat care about the environment with Canada’s latest talks to get rid of single use plastics in the next couple of years.

This ban includes straws, lids, shopping bags and anything else take-out and throw-out style. No problem. We’ve been doing it for a while by reusing plastic straws and such or just changing over to something more sustainable.

Glass Sippers makes it easy to switch from paper or plastic to glass. Beautifully designed glass straws with different decorations on them not only make you more eco friendly but they’re also pretty!

I for one hate when I’m sitting outside in the summertime trying to enjoy a cold drink and something from the trees above falls into my drink. Be it a bug, a leaf or dirt, it ruins the drink, am I right?

Glass Sippers also makes reusable mason jar lids! Created from the rim of mason jars and paired with a silicone spout, you can use these lids alone or with the fancy straws I was telling you about earlier in this post.

Check out this fab, eco-friendly, Canadian brand! You won’t be disappointed!

Click here to visit the official Glass Sippers website!

Thanks to Glass Sippers for providing me a straw and lid for this review! Happy sipping!

Click here for my “famous” iced coffee recipe, free!

Her Real View: It’s the little things #Summertime

Summer is slipping by faster than we know it. The days of sleeping in a little later still feel longer and the weather has been typical summer; hot and humid, rain and repeat. Perfect days to get out of the house and let ourselves just enjoy.

Before we know it, we’ll be back to the dreaded school routine of early morning, ass dragging to the bus stop fun.

It’s not easy living with chronic pain and a never ending sense of constant dread or mood swings that can ruin an otherwise perfect day. I’ve been taking this summer is small pieces; too much of a good thing is scary for me but I try.

We didn’t plan anything spectacular for our kids this summer other than sending the older two off to sleep-away camp but I know the memories we make together will still be special ones.

Today we took the kids out for a little nature walk to Petrie Island (right in Ottawa), an activity that allowed us to soak in the beauty of being outside and being outside together as a family. Something we don’t often do as the kids get older and our lives don’t slow down. We need to slow it down. It’s those small moments they’ll remember.

Some boats docked along the Ottawa River

The FamJam

Beach #Selfie

Next time, we bring a blanket and a pic-nick.

Her Real View 30 day blog post challenge day 25 – 3 Best Physical Features!

I was asked recently to name three good qualities about myself. I felt put on the spot and I couldn’t answer the question without feeling dumb.

I don’t think of myself often. I don’t look in the mirror and say “hey hotness, how you doin!”. I don’t even think I’m that smart half the time. Maybe that’s low self esteem or maybe I’m just not that shallow.

This prompt…ugh they’re getting harder so I’m kind of glad this Challenge is over in a few days! Phew! I’ve made it this far!!

Three of my best physical features? That’s worse than asking me what my best personality traits are, I don’t know you’ll have to ask someone who knows me!

It actually took me a long time to be satisfied physically with who I am and how I am after years of scrutiny for being “too skinny”.

My eyes: I like my eyes. My grandmother always told me she loved my eyes because I was the only one with brown eyes. My kids have my eyes, well two of them. Two brown, one blue (like their dad and grandma).

My weight: I’m not too fat or too skinny or too whatever else anyone has to say. I’m happy with the body god gave me despite my hips being messed up.

My height: I like being taller. I get to make fun of short people. 😂

So there you have it! See you tomorrow!